dudes like nudes

just 2 dudes here, Naoya and Dylan, who can swallow oreos without water.

Second Post

The internet really sucks today. Well I made a new twitter (@ichi_kazuki). It’s really new. So don’t touch it.

Naoya seems busy with her psp so I’m taking over the tumblr.

Ah yeah my name is Dylan the Great. I named myself Ichinose Kazuki because those whose name is Ichi are great. I’m 19 and playing some musical instruments.

Probably that’s all. I’m actually in the toilet hehehe so ciao!

~ Dylan

First Post!

because we like potatoes

Dude, what the hell. Yeah literally we both like potatoes.. and nudes.

Hello, I’m Naoya and this is my senpai, Dylan. We both met in a forum and fell in love with each other’s dicks. Well I’m gonna put some information about us.

Makoto Naoya (aka Naoya Visconti, Austin Everett, Misuto Aoi)

Female, but can be unexpectedly male

17 years old (12-08-1996)

Currently live peacefully in Pontianak, Indonesia

Likes pissing people off, video gaming, eating foods, and blankly staring at anime dudes.

Dylan (aka Dylan the Great, Dylan the First, Ichinose Kazuki)


19 years old (05-02-1995)

Probably staying in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Likes sleeping on the roof, video gaming, jamming to musics, cooking, and jumping on the bed while naked

..yeah here we are, writing shits on tumblr. Well we are going to post some personal stuffs, reviews, and covers. Maybe most of them are instrumental because we can’t sing like Justin Bieber.

That’s the brief introduction about me and Dylan senpai. And the last, we still like potatoes.

~ Naoya